Work with Basic Auth

Could be possible to autocomplete on Basic Auth screens?

When a website is protected with basic auth, a form pops up asking for an user and a password, before any content is shown.

In Firefox, I used this when using LastPass, so I guess it’s possible implement it, but I don’t know if it’s hard or worth it if it’s not common and not too many people use it.

This feature is already implemented, please see this GitHub issue (116) and especially this comment.


Sorry, my bad.
I didn’t know it was already implemented, I assumed it was not as it was not login in and nothing was shown on Firefox related to bitwarden.

Thanks for the explanation, I will set it up right so it will work leaving only one login for that website.

No problem :slight_smile:

I just wrote that it still doesn’t work. Well, I was wrong. It works, but you must be careful about site matching rules. Since default matching is “base domain”, entries and are both considered match for any of these two sites (and for any other site in mydomain), preventing basic auth from being done automatically.