Improve basic auth auto-login interface/awareness/configuration in browser extensions

Note I like the way Bitwarden handle’s basic auth web pages. However it’s not obvious how or when it works. Currently, to understand how Bitwarden handles basic auth you have to go searching github to find posts like these:

IMHO it’d be nice if Bitwarden:

  • Had a help page describing its basic auth functionality
  • Would display a popup whenever its “basic auth” auto login is invoked

This popup would also:

  • Have a link to the new help page for more details
  • Have a button to disable the basic auth popup notification for the current site (basic auth auto-login would still work, just the popup notification would be hidden)

Another global option would also be nice:

  • Enable basic auth auto-login (default enabled/checked). Unchecking this would stop basic auth auto-login from ever being invoked.