Android app issues

I’m trying bitwarden out to see if it will work for me, and I’m having Android issues that I can’t rectify.

I have a Samsung S10e, running Android 10. Some apps work fine (both Chase and Bank of America). However, AirBnB does not. I’ve checked my entry, and it still remembers the login from when I was using Google to save my passwords and I imported it ( If I use Chrome to visit, the auto-fill drop down shows up and it finds the login properly. So, the service is working. I also tried DisneyPlus, and I never see the drop down either, though I don’t have a saved password for it. When I do login in, I’m never prompted to save the password, either.

I’ve enabled both “Auto-fill Service” and “Auto-fill Accessibility Service” inside the bitwarden app. I also turned on “Appear on top” for the app within the device settings. Any other ideas? Is there some setting that I’m missing? Are there differences in the apps (native programming vs HTML wrapper) that allows the service more access than others? Just trying to determine what does or doesn’t work and what limitations I should expect if I continue beyond my free trial.


I’m having the exact same issue with Disney+. It’s not recognizing the app login page, therefore no autofill action at all. Were you able to get this working?

Yes, I tried manually adding what I think is the disney Plus URI, but it did not work. I never get the prompt to enter user name and password even if I use accessibility.

Just a thought, Save another entry for the android version. Its probably not recognizing the URI difference between the web version and the app version. The concept of equivalent domains doesn’t seem to be implemented in BW yet.

No, the equivalent domain generally works. I think the implementation on Bitwarden is actually better than the one in LastPass. In Bitwarden, you can add additional URL for the same site, grouping them together. In LastPass, the equivalent is on a different page where you have to hunt for it on the page to find the domains.

The problem is that the password is not detecting the Disney Plus’s domain, so they can’t add it.