Bitwarden autofill doesn't work with the app

Hello there,

as mentioned above. I am on Android 10 and Bitwarden autofill doesn’t work with the Booking app.

The Booking app uses a “2 Phase”-login, so you enter your user name on page 1 and the password on page 2. Autofill registers the password field on page 2 but not the username on page 1.

I tried to fiddle around with the match detection, but that doesn’t help either.

Do I miss something or does this “2 Phase”-login simply doesn’t work with Bitwarden?

Thanks for your help!


Logging into with Bitwarden works fine in a browser both in Android and Windows. Over there they also use this what you call “2 phase”-login. So this is not a general problem with Bitwarden. From my point of view the app is doing something “unexpected” Bitwarden cannot handle. But I would not go that far to call it a problem on Bitwarden’s side.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue in iOS. app asks for User and Password and with the help of Bitwarden I’m able to login. :confused:

I am not talking about the website itself, this works just fine.

Specifically the app (!) isn’t working. Attached you’ll find two screenshots which better explain my problem…

Bitwarden only recognizes the password field on the second screen, not the user field on the first screen. This is awkward to use because I have to type in my user manually…

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New User, had to make 2 posts to post both screens…

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My screenshot is taken from the app in iOS! :wink:

I can reproduce this on the Android app and I already commented on it:

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Guys, I just found another app that isn’t working with Bitwarden.

It’s the Both username and password-fields are on the same page (unlike Bitwarden seemingly doesn’t recognize those fields and won’t autofill those.

Is there a separate thread where you can post apps that don’t work? Maybe the dev can look into it…

I’m also not able to reproduce this in iOS. Bitwarden detects the correct credentials and fills them in. So I’m able to login. :confused:

image1 image2 image3