XUL based version of addon /extension



Admittedly, Firefox is the proverbial 800lb gorilla when it comes to non-MS /non-Alphabet browsers, but there are alternatives in-use and relatively well known such as Waterfox and Palemoon.

Both have determined that the WebExtension platform being promoted (and as of v57 onward, mandated) by Mozilla is not viable, so they are keeping and continuing to improve the XUL/XPCOM addon framework.

Adding the XUL/XPCOM version would cover multiple compatible “fork” browsers, bringing BitWarden to a wider audience.

Support for Mozilla Thunderbird email client

Unfortunately this would require us to re-write a whole new extension for very little gain (user marketshare). All other browsers support web extensions, so we can support them with little additional effort.


Hello. I’ve recently discovered Bitwarden, and have found it to be an elegant solution for password management. As such, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to migrate back to Firefox from Palemoon, but there are certain Palemoon features I can’t replicate in Firefox. I understand and respect your predicament, needing to balance development resources against the number of users reached, but if resources ever become less limited for you in the future, a native Palemoon extension would be greatly appreciated. This is particularly true, given that to my knowledge, there is no current solution for Palemoon which allows a password vault external to the browser alongside browser integration.


Another vote from a Pale Moon user.