Support for Mozilla Thunderbird email client

Mozilla Thunderbird is still a fairly popular email client. It would be really handy if there were an add-on to allow it to use Bitwarden instead of its own built-in password manager for storing account credentials.

Thunderbird is XUL-based, like Firefox was before version 57, and unlike with Firefox, there are plans to continue support for XUL-based apps. If there is old code for a pre-57 Firefox add-on, it may not take much to port it to Thunderbird.

This would require supporting URI “protocols” of mailbox:// , smtp:// , imap:// , and possibly pop:// . Based on the contents of my Thunderbird password manager, URIs of these forms are presented when saving credentials.

I admit that this request is likely to never see the light of day. (Particularly given the answer to the request for a XUL-based version of BitWarden.) But I wanted to get it on record anyway in case I’m not the only one who would love to see Bitwarden supported in Thunderbird.

First many thanks to everyone for their thundering work on this, so very grateful!
This is to echo in support the above feature request, for a thunderbird extension; though I would not want to divert anyone’s attention from the current work, now thunderbird has migrated its extension infrastructure away from to XUL to Webextension…; overall its future is looking brigthter, (with many bug fixes, lightening intergration, future encryption integration and plans for etesync extension) but incomplete without a decent password manager… Let’s see if we can get some votes for this!


I have found similar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird for auto-fill passwords from external storage. Can Bitwarden reuse same way?

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