With the app extension, is there a way to make it so that I don’t have to type in my master PW each time OR use fingerprint? Can I just have it open the vault if the iOS app is unlocked?

I’m referring to this pop up:

This comes up when clicking on the share sheet in Safari but it happens in other apps too. I checked all settings. Vault timeout is “on app restart”. I also don’t see any other settings.

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I don’t think so, and I think this is a limitation imposed by Apple. You can unlock the Bitwarden app and access it without a PIN or password or biometric verification, but if you want to use the stored passwords functionality of iOS, the system makes you confirm your identity each time, I believe.

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Darn. That’s unfortunate. Dang you Apple! -throws fist in the air-

This is inaccurate.

Yes you can do this. I never have to enter my master password on iOS, I don’t feel the need to since the phone is locked via biometric anyway.

Go to settings then Face ID & password, turn off use Face ID for password autofill. This is one place that will prompt. (In your specific case look for the fingerprint option).

The second thing you need to do is in the iOS bitwarden app go to settings, set vault timeout to never , unlock with Face ID off unlock with PIN code off.

I guess if you are comfortable entirely disabling authentication of your vault and disabling the ability to fill passwords, this method would work. I don’t think most people would find this a good use of a password manager, though…

Why not, my phone has authentication to unlock it. And this isn’t disabling the ability to turn off auto fill, it’s only disabling the typing in of a master password prior to auto fill. If my phone is lost or stolen I can remotely lock out my phone, wipe it, additionally you can go into bitwarden and de authorize all of the sessions. In a split second I can even change my master password if need be.

Maybe most people wouldn’t find it as a good use, yet the iOS system and bitwarden allow the option to do it. Life is great when people have choice, instead of just having a my is is the way and only way tune.

I think this is a great Balance for me personally between convenience and security.

Additionally the op had requested if there was a way to do this. So even though most people wouldn’t find good use, the op of this thread was some of the most group, and it just happened to be that I’m included in the some of the most as well and use these products the same as op is intending.

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Fair enough - to be honest, I didn’t consider that the OP might want to turn off all the security features within Bitwarden, but you could be right. Cheers!

Alternatively op, you could set the vault time out from anywhere to lock immediately to never or even do a custom value or lock on app restart. This allows you to choose the balance that works for you between inconvenience and security.

Actually, it looks like the password or biometric prompt is only disabled if you set the Vault Timeout to Never. If I use any other setting at all, I am prompted for Touch ID. So at least on iOS 15 and the current version of the Bitwarden app, you must disable vault locking entirely if you want to avoid Touch ID on password autofill.

I’d assume this is due to force closing the app.

If i set the timeout to 30 mins, then force close the app every time, I’m prompted every time for a password. If I don’t force close the app, I don’t have to enter a master password.

I was speaking about Touch ID, not master passwords. But actually, on my devices, I see you can’t suppress either unless Vault Timeout is set to Never.

This doesn’t work unless I set the vault to “never” lock. If I have an auto lock, then it always requires master pw or biometrics.

I do have the same behavior as well. Seems like to do what you’re asking for, you have to set the vault to never. I have a strong password on my phone, including biometrics and my phone locks immediately when not in use. I always have my phone on me and therefore never lock works for me, considering my phone is always locked. Ymmv

Alternatively if typing the master password is too much, turn on unlock with Face ID both in iOS and the bitwarden app.


To answer that question is there a way to make it so that I don’t have to type in my master PW each time or use fingerprint?

Answer yes but then its security issue, if you want security with it being convenience you have to sacrifice something. Now an ideal balance is to put a pin code to it, not necessarily a 4 digit I use a longer pin 8+ char pin thats way easier than my 128 char master pw. You typically always want some type of security would you want your bank account to auto be unlocked every time you walk up to the atm or walk in the bank? You would want to authenticate some way to prove who you are and if you actually want to do the means of withdraw, deposit etc.

But here are some settings I use universally on computer, app extension or mobile app

Timeout action to ‘Lock’ NOT ‘logout’
Vault timeout: immediately
unlock with face id
unlock with pin code