iOS v2023.9.1 - Requires Master Password, Face ID, or PIN when auto-filling (Bug?)

Ever since updating to version 2023.9.0/1 of BitWarden, auto-filling passwords through Safari and such requires verifying master password if Face ID or PIN code is not enabled. I have:

Vault timeout: never
Unlock with Face ID: off
Unlock with PIN code: off

Expected behavior is for it to auto-fill login credentials without having to enter anything or the delay associated with aligning my face for Face ID to unlock.

Is this a bug or some required security being forced to endure?

Same issue here. Good thing is this has already been logged in at GitHub and confirmed an issue. Work around is to use biometrics/face id so you don’t have to type in master password.

Oh excellent. I feared it was intended to improve security or something.

Exactly the same here!
Glad it’s not just me :v:

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