Always asking for master password - IOS app

I’m an IT professional (for 31 years and counting), but have never used an apple product before. I now have the need to use one app that works much better on ios than android, so I’m currently setting up a used (but blank, freshly updated to ios 15.1) ipad 7th gen.

I’ve loaded bitwarden, and the one app I need, but I have a couple issues…not sure if it’s me or bitwarden, or the other app.

Instructions for IOS:

  1. Open your Bitwarden app and tap Settings.
  2. Tap the App Extension option in the Auto-fill section. - This went as planned
  3. Tap the Enable App Extension button.
  4. From the share menu that slides up, tap Bitwarden.
    A green Extension Activated! message will indicate success. - This doesn’t happen; just get a popup with the word Bitwarden, an icon next to it, and an “edit actions” under it. If I click the Bitwarden icon, a message at the top of the ipad says “Almost done! Tap the Bitwarden icon in the menu to launch the extension.” But…there’s no menu anywhere? If I click the “edit actions”, a popup says "Actions - Done - Other Actions - Bitwarden with a green plus next to it. (Oops; I just clicked the +, now there’s a red -.)

In IOS settings, Passwords, AutoFill Passwords is on, Bitwarden is the only item checked.

Now, if I start my app and click in the login fields, then click “Passwords” by the keyboard, Bitwarden prompts for the master password. And it just keeps asking every time I start that app. I have a passcode setup in Bitwarden.

What am I missing here?

(It doesn’t work like this on Android; it asks for the bitwarden passcode, not the master password.)


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Hi Bill - welcome. If by “passcode” you mean your unlock PIN, you will have to set that up on the iPad also. Unlock settings are stored independently for each BW device/client.

You can also use biometrics to unlock your vault, which I find more convenient on my iPad. But YMMV.

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Yes; that’s what I meant…forgot the term. :slight_smile: I did setup that PIN within BW on this iPad.

I didn’t realize I could setup a fingerprint in BW; that may be a good alternative. I’ll play with that! Thank you!

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So the fix for this is to toggle “Unlock with pin code” and toggle it back. Set your pin and then immediately after you’ll get a popup about unlocking with master password hit no. This will allow you to auto fill with pin instead