Bitwarden App - ALWAYS asking for Master Password

I have been using BW for a number of years - both app and browser extension - and have not had any real issues. However, all of today whenever I try to access the app to autofill an app/site login, it ALWAYS asks for the master password. It has never done this before. I recently switched iPhones and transferred all my apps from one phone to another, logged out and back into the account, but it doesn’t make a difference. My settings:

Vault Timeout - 5 mins
Vault Timeout Action - Lock
Unlock with PIN code - Enabled

I have set it so that it asks for the master password when the phone is rebooted or I log out of the app; otherwise, I expect to enter the PIN.

If anyone can help, TIA.

Facing the same since months, doesn’t look like support has taken note of this!

Check the settings. If they are as mentioned above and the PIN has been set with Lock with master password on browser restart being deactivated it should work for you and it does so for me.
If you still experience issues uninstall the extension, close all windows of your browser, start the browser, re-install the extension and again adjust the settings.

I am facing this for the “app”
The extension issue is only on Windows, works fine in Linux.
I did do all basic tshoot before landing here.