Windows Hello option randomly disappears from the desktop app

I am signed in to multiple accounts in the desktop app (1.33.0). All of them have the “Unlock with Windows Hello” option enabled, and usually this works, even after rebooting.

But ever so often the “Unlock with Windows Hello” option is missing from the lock screen for one or more accounts, and I have to enter the master password. Is there some kind of timeout that forces this?

Also, when this happens and I try to unlock the browser extension, I get the “Scan your fingerprint” prompt, but then nothing happens after my fingerprint has been accepted…

I don’t have this issue with the desktop app on macOS (“Unlock with TouchID”), which has been working reliably without me ever having to re-enter a master password.

Has anyone else encountered this behavior?

Still an issue with the current version of the desktop app (2022.6.2).

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Still an issue with 2022.10.0.

Hey @ejain do you see this behaviour with a fresh install? Have you created a Github issue for the team to investigate?

I’m getting a bit tired doing clean installs and re-registering all my accounts for every update, but am happy to do so again if a future update has a potential fix.

I think I figured out how to reproduce this problem; I added the exact steps to the GitHub issue.

To avoid this problem, before trying to unlock a vault from Chrome, you need to open the desktop app, and make sure that this account is selected in the desktop app before switching back to Chrome and unlocking from there.

Using Windows Hello with multiple Bitwarden accounts is still broken in 2023.1.1.

Thanks, I’ll review with the team!

Still broken in 2023.2.0 :slightly_frowning_face:

Looks like someone closed the GitHub issue, but it’s still broken in 2023.4.0 :face_holding_back_tears:

Thanks @ejain I’ll review with the team.

Still broken in 2023.7.1…

Still broken in 2023.10.1…

Thank you, @ejain, for keeping on this. The same thing has been happening to me for a long time. I need separate accounts for work and personal and this is an every day annoyance - especially since it happens on all of my business and home computers.