Windows Hello option randomly disappears from the desktop app

I am signed in to multiple accounts in the desktop app (1.33.0). All of them have the “Unlock with Windows Hello” option enabled, and usually this works, even after rebooting.

But ever so often the “Unlock with Windows Hello” option is missing from the lock screen for one or more accounts, and I have to enter the master password. Is there some kind of timeout that forces this?

Also, when this happens and I try to unlock the browser extension, I get the “Scan your fingerprint” prompt, but then nothing happens after my fingerprint has been accepted…

I don’t have this issue with the desktop app on macOS (“Unlock with TouchID”), which has been working reliably without me ever having to re-enter a master password.

Has anyone else encountered this behavior?

Still an issue with the current version of the desktop app (2022.6.2).