Windows Hello keeps unchecking itself in desktop settings

Been battling this issue for a while now and I have started to get too annoyed so finally posting something here. I used to have no problem logging into my Bitwarden app using Windows Hello, however since recently the behaviour from the desktop app is like follows:

Before this it mostly would happen that after clicking OK on the Windows Hello popup it would give a yellow text saying “something went wrong please try again”, which then just never resolved itself until I reenabled Windows Hello in the Bitwarden settings, but that as you can see is now impossible.

Any idea how I can solve this issue?

Hi @RME and welcome to the community,

Have you tried to possibly uninstall and reinstall the Desktop application?

I would also confirm, are you using the standard installer for the Desktop client? IRRC the Windows Store application does not support Windows Hello integration and Biometrics Unlock support.

Thank you for your reply @cksapp! I have reinstalled Bitwarden using the .exe downloaded from the website (so not the windows store) and the behaviour remains the same out of the box: the Unlock with Windows Hello checkbox instantly unchecks itself after the Windows Hello popup is gone.