UX Interface: Input to Browser Extensions lost when out of focus (Mac)

Dear Team of Bitwarden,

I recently got to know about bitwarden and really appreciate the software. In order to further improve on the user experience I would like to suggest a better way of handling the input of login details.

I would often open the bitwarden extension in my browser in order to save a new login. Most of the time I need to input my login name / email and a password.
Usually I type my username into the extension and then continue with the password.
When I open a different application for reference, like Mail or Textedit, copy the password to clipboard and switch back to the browser extension the already typed information (username) is lost. This happens every time I switch to a different application.

I would very much appreciate if bitwarden extensions could stay open and the login credentials would not be lost in the progress.

I am on macOS 10.15.7 running Safari 14 and Chrome 86

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