There is no possibility to fill in the data from the search


  • Google Chrome + Extension. latest version (browser & extension)
  • Firefox + Extension, Safari + Extension

There is no possibility to fill in the data in the form of search results.

Sometimes I need to select an account from the search to fill in the login and password, but this is not possible to do this. (only by copying the username and password separately, however, the search results are lost immediately after the browser extension window is minimized.)

lastpassword extension is more convenient In terms of usability (for example, even a window offering to save a new password, or a window offering passwords right in the form)


What you want to do is click on the top-left corner (arrow). This brings BW to a new window. Now it does not vanish once you search for something.

However, I get the idea behind your post… this is the solution I’ve been using myself.

Yes, fill from search results is missing. It would be great if bitwarden had this functionality. This is especially true if the user has enabled “Don’t show cards on tab page”.

Consider this my +1 (no votes left).