USAA bank login page [SOLVED]

Hello BW experts - I am really enjoying my BW setup. I hit a snag while logging into the USAA site. I am able to save the login/password information and I am prompted correctly when I am on the page. If I choose auto-fill, the website refuses to accept the credentials. Strangely, if I right click and copy each of the login/password fields individually, I am able to login correctly. Any ideas on why the auto-fill does not work? Perhaps other users here using USAA?

Figured it out. USAA truncates its passwords to 12 characters. So any characters you put in beyond 12 will be silently chopped. There is even no warning or indication on their password change site about the 12 character limit. Hopefully this helps others who have the same problem.

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I had this same issue and figured it out just the other day. It was either on USAA of BofA which does a similar thing.

I figured it out when I manually typed in the password and realized it wasn’t including the last few characters. So all this time, my password was actually shorter than I thought it was. The site just ignored me typing the last couple characters.

I have NO idea why a banking site would limit password length. Boggles the mind.