Display warning when password autofill is longer than maxlength

When an has a maxlength property, BitWarden will happily autofill into it, silently cutting off any characters that don’t fit. This can cause problems if, for example, the user autofills a 64-character generated password when signing up for a site with maxlength=32; if the site ever decides to raise the maximum length, the user will suddenly find themselves unable to log in.

For a given site I have defined a 16 character password.
If I trigger the site to open from bitwarden and then click to auto-fill, the password is refused.
If I copy the password into the clipboard and paste it on the connection page , the password is accepted.
After checking the login page, I notice that the password field is defined with a maxlength of 12.
So I reduce the password to 12 characters and then auto-fill goes correctly.
Why auto-fill is incorrect when copying to the clipboard works.

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+1 for dealing intelligently with input fields with maxlength (I’m out of votes).

Probably don’t want to save any pw characters that go beyond maxlength, and definitely want to let the user know what’s going on.