Bug with auto fill - extension

i am a vietnamese
this is my bank: acb
and this is it online web:


auto fill error on this site

i use auto fill but this site, acc and pass are seem to be filled but site always said errors:

  1. Please enter username
  2. Please enter security code

i manually coppy acc and pass, and it work
i change site to mobile view, autofill work fine.
when auto fill work, i see infor is filled but when i click to to filled zone, nothing is filled just like bitwarden only pain, not paste infor in zone.

Unfortunately there are a lot of banks that do these little tricks and believe that this would improve security. From my point of view for now there is no solution to this.

Don’t know if this will work but try adding a custom field called “password-clear”, and set its value to your password.

I use a small clipbaord manager call Arsclip that has a “mimic typing” feature that gets right around this. It also allows for embedded tab commands so you can"type" in your user name then tab to your password and “type” that in
It is not a password manager and no real security, but that might be a nice feature to add to Bitwarden … a little checkbox somewhere or a place to enter they typing and tabs