USAA (new) login page will not autofill

I am testing Bitwarden after using another password manager. I am on Windows 10 and using the latest version of Brave (mostly similar to Chrome).

When I go to the USAA website the autofill does not work.

I click on the BW button, choose an option, and I get the error “Unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page. Copy and paste the information instead.”

In DOM inspector I see this:

<input name="memberId" aria-invalid="false" autocomplete="off" 
id="usaa-form-v5-7-5-input-3wdt4o8crxh" type="text" 
aria-describedby="usaa-form-v5-7-5-input-3wdt4o8crxh-errorMessage undefined" 
value="" autocorrect="false">

Any idea why this does not work? It’s very annoying.

This is why it doesn’t work, they’ve made the username something no password manager would recognize. Normally it would be id=“username” or similar.

I would normally recommend adding usaa-form-v5-7-5-input-3wdt4o8crxh as a custom field but it looks like this ID name will change often so that would be pointless.

Sorry, but it looks like copy and paste is the only option until the website uses standards that almost every website uses. I have a feeling they did this on purpose but who knows?

I believe that this can be solved using regex.
For more details look here:

In short: Collect some IDs, find the logic or identify some parts they all have in common, create a rule using regex.

Thank you! I just noticed a github issue here which has the same advice: