Url and other info are automatically changed to same incorrect info upon opening item site:https://community.bitwarden.com/

Every item I open in my vault automatically changes the url and passwords to the same info which is from another item I recently added. HP computer using Chrome. Help

Can you give us more details and perhaps show an example?
I assume that the computer is running on Windows and that you mean the Chrome browser. Did you deactivate its password manager?

I am very new to bitwarden and had no trouble when first downloaded this program.
But now after opening Bitwarden vault when I attempt to open a website it changes before I can click on anything. The url and password info on this item changes as well as other data or information to another site I added recently which was the social security site. I am therefore unable to open the desired item/site for use. It always changes inserting the same data from SSA site.
I think I may have changed a setting as I was checking out how to add items etc.
Yes my computer is running on Windows and I use the Chrome browser. I am not sure what you mean by deactivating its password manager. Bitwarden worked fine for the first few days after installing.

What is “it” ? Where does it change ? On the web site in your browser ? Within Bitwarden ?
Have you deactivated the Passwords and Auto Sign-in within Chrome?
See: Settings → Autofill → Autofill → Passwords → Offer to save passwords and Auto Sign-in

What is it? It is the data or info that is filled in for an item in the vault such as - name of site, passwords and user names and url etc. within the bitwarden edit item page.

The data or information that I have already filled in for an item changes in the data areas of the passwords and user names etc. This occurs on the bitwarden web site as soon as I open an item in the vault. I cannot then open the website because the passwords and urls are wrong.

Offer to save passwords and Auto sign-in are all off and were off before bitwarden was downloaded.
I’m thinking I should completely delete bitwarden and try reloading it.