Support for Multiple Sign-ins / Logins / Accounts on One Web Site

There are several web sites where my wife and I have separate accounts and separate logins. I can add both my login item credentials and my wife’s item login credentials in Bitwarden as two different items which is great. The problem occurs when I launch the second item in my Bitwarden Firefox extension window, Bitwarden populates the website’s login screen with the first item’s username and password which requires me then to delete the first item’s credentials from the login window and do a copy/paste with the second item’s credentials. It would be nice if Bitwarden would populate the second item’s credentials properly when I choose to launch the second item.

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Do you use auto-fill on page load ? If so, it selects the most recently used item, regardless of what mean you used to access the website.


I thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I have “Enable Auto-Fill on Page Load” turned on. Even though I used the second item listed in my Bitwarden Firefox window (my login) to populate the login screen the last time I accessed the web site, Bitwarden continues to use the first item credentials listed in my Bitwarden Firefox window (my wife’s) this morning even though I “Launched” the second item (mine).


I just figured out that Bitwarden DOES do what I requested when I have multiple items (sign-ins) for one URL or web site, but the solution wasn’t apparent to me based on just learning about Bitwarden and reading the “Auto-fill logins using the browser extension” FAQ.

When I have multiple Bitwarden items/accounts that all access one URL or web site and Bitwarden fills the web site’s login screen with credentials from an account I don’t want, I just need to open the Bitwarden Vault’s pop-up window again and left click the name of the account that I want to use. Then, Bitwarden repopulates the web site’s sign-in screen’s username and password with the credentials of the account I just clicked on. GREAT - Now I know.

Bitwarden does handle multiple accounts for one URL or web site and I didn’t understand how to make it work. May I suggest that Bitwarden personnel either add another FAQ titled “Using Multiple Sign-ins on One Web Site” which directly addresses the issue, or update the “Auto-fill logins using the browser extension” FAQ to show what I explained above.

Regardless, I appreciate your help and thank you for pointing me in the direction that helped resolve my situation.

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The articles on are stored publicly on a GitHub repository (here :
If you’d like to add a new article, I suggest you write the article describing the issue you’re trying to solve and then propose it as a pull request to the said repository.
You can :

  1. browse to (where the autofill article already exists)
  2. click on “create a new file” (you need to be logged in)
  3. Copy the raw contents of another article so you have the structure
  4. Write your own content
  5. Propose the file change as a pull request so it can be added to the repo and thus to the website

I have a related problem in which I have multiple accounts on site which has separate URLs for username and password. I’ve been handling this by creating multiple signins, one for URL1 to enter username and one for URL2 to enter password. If I wish to login to a different account from the account last used, I can click the Bitwarden icon and then click the account I wish to use, and Bitwarden will populate the username field with the account I’ve selected. However, when URL2 is then brought up, Bitwarden does not populate with the correct password but appears to retain the password for the previous login. So the only solution I’ve found is to copy/paste the correct password in the URL2 password field. I have Auto-Fill turned on, but it does not seem to handle this situation.