Update Password Prompt with Multiple Logons

Currently, with the Chrome plug-in, the system detects a password change and prompts, “Do you want to update this password in Bitwarden?” In situations where we have multiple logins for the same website, and I’d like to know that Bitwarden is going to update the right account.

My suggestion is bitwarden prompts, “Do you want to update the password for [USERNAME] in Bitwarden?” Additionally, the choices on the bar should include, “Yes, Update Now”, and “Choose Another Account”, and the close button.

I would really love to see this feature

This is a feature I miss from Lastpass. The feature request is self-explanatory. Currently, I have to manually edit the entry I want so that I can be sure it doesn’t replace the wrong entry which defeats the purpose of update password.

Also, because I’ve never been able to update password, does anyone know if it saves the old password history in the text field?

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Another option to solve this would be to build the requested “merge” feature (Merge Items) and offer that as an option when a password is changed and BW identifies that there are other entries with the same old password.

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