“Do you want to update this password in Bitwarden?” missing "never ask again at this site"

Feature name

  • “never ask again at this site”

Feature function

Some sites, for example mailbox.org, are combining a fixed, static Password and the TOTP at the login-page in one line.
It shold be possible to give an additional option for sites with combinations of static and OTP Passwords at the request of “Do you want to update this password in Bitwarden?” to “never ask again at this site”. Smaller sollution: hide the request after 4-5 seconds, if the user will ignore it.

by the way:
The development of Bitwarden is great - You do an excelent job!

This would also be super useful for people like me who use double blind passwords. Currently Bitwarden asks if I want to update every single time I log into anything and it gets annoying.

This is the main feature I’m missing from lastpass after switching.

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Feature name

I would like to be able to tell Bitwarden that it should not ask me whether to update the password in Bitwarden for a specific vault entry when it thinks I’ve just logged into the site with a different password than what it has stored.

Feature function

There are two reasons why this change is needed:

  1. Some web app developers have stupidly decided that they need to have JavaScript code in their app that modifies the password field of the login form before the form is submitted. Every time the user logs into one of those web apps, Bitwarden thinks the password has been modified since what gets submitted to the server is different from the password that Bitwarden filled in. While it would be nice for Bitwarden to detect the root cause, i.e., JavaScript mucking with the value of the password field before form submission, I don’t think that’s practical, so the next best thing would be for the user to be able to set a flag on the vault entry telling Bitwarden not to prompt when it thinks the password has changed on login.

  2. Bitwarden sometimes confuses a web app page that isn’t actually the login page as one, causing the user to be asked whether to save the updated password when the user didn’t actually just log in or enter their site password. If a user is running into this issue frequently they should be able to tell Bitwarden to stop doing that.

As a workaround for (1) have you considered adding your password as a custom field instead of using the password field?

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I don’t think it’ll auto-fill if it’s a custom field?

Yes, it will. That’s a purpose of a custom field.


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Sweet, I didn’t know that.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the problem. I still get prompted to update the password, because there’s no way to remove the password field entirely from the saved vault entry. If I remove both the username and password from the vault entry, then I get asked whether to save the password.

Yeah that’s true. So then you could reword the feature request to just be something like -

Add a site-specific option for “Disable add login notification” as well the as the global option.

For now, you could just use the global option in settings. To be honest I find the “new login” detection to be so hit or miss that I don’t tend to rely on it anyway and I just use the + button to add it manually. Not that this is ideal either of course.

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The feature I requested makes far more sense then what you just suggested. I don’t understand why you think what you’re suggesting would be superior.

If my suggestion were implemented, then I would be able to leave the username and password where they belong, in the username and password fields of the vault entry, and I would stop being prompted to update the password every time I logged in.

With your suggestion, I would have to go through a ton of extra effort to move the username and password fields into custom fields (they both have to be moved because if only the password is moved then the username field doesn’t get filled in properly), and the behavior would be no better than the behavior with the feature as I proposed.

Perhaps I am missing your point, but barring that, my suggestion stands as what I think would be the best way to address this issue.

I came here to post this exact request. My use case would be for when I just want bitwarden to remember the username and not the password. Then, it will fill the username information but I have to manually type in the password. It is annoying that every time I login to sites like this it asks me if I want to update my password with me having to click the x for no every time I login. At least that feature is working consistently for me.