Unlock Bitwarden with biometrics in Browser

Hey, I have a Problem with unlocking Bitwarden in Firefox with my fingerprint. I already activated the necessary setting in my Desktop-App “enable browser integration” but my Browser tells me I did’t. I have no Idea how I can tell Firefox, that this Setting already is activated. Thank a lot for your answer!

Hi @Doerk , welcome to the Community!

Enabling in the desktop app does not necessarily enable it in the browser extension. Please take a look at our help document here for instructions for how to enable unlock with biometrics in for your browser and let us know if that fixes things!

Thank you very much for your answer, but I already did everything like described in that help document. The Problem is by trying to activate the biometrics in the Browser. I cant click on the button in the Browser extension, because when I do it I get the Error massage “The browser integration in the desktop-app isn’t activated. Please activate it in your desktop-app”, but this is not true. It is activated!
In addition I uninstalled an installed Bitwarden again in my Browser as well as on my desktop. Nothing solved the Problem.

Hey @Doerk did you try toggling the setting on and off? If that doesn’t resolve the issue, can you shoot a message over to our official support team at bitwarden.com/contact

Yes I did try toggling the setting on and off and message the support team is a good idea. Thanks!