Fingerprint sign on in FireFox browser

Does fingerprint sign on work in FireFox yet. I am brand new to Bitwarden and have not used FireFox for years. My reading indicates I should be leaving Safari and LastPass so I’m trying to set things up, but I’m in my late 70s so things are going slow.

Help would be greatly appreciated!


I am happily using fingerprint biometrics to unlock the Bitwarden extension in the latest release of FF on my MacBook Air.

Thanks for the reply and info. I am trying to get to that situation but am having problems.

When I click on unlock with biometrics in settings I get a “flag” that browser integration is not enabled. I found instructions in help under “your vault” for enabling unlock with biometrics. I have fingerprint turned on since I use Keychain Access, but I get the “flag”. Do you know how to enable browser integration? I have tried to find instructions, but have failed.

Thanks again for your time and interest,

Hi Bill - are you running the desktop app on your computer? It is actually needed to enable fingerprint biometrics in the browser extension.

Hi Dave - Yes I have both the desktop app and the browser extension; however I think I’m actually working in the desktop app. You’re saying I should be working in the extension. During my research before actually starting I read on Cloudwards by Jaco Roach that the browser extension doesn’t offer as many options as the desktop app. I ended up getting both and when I click on the Bitwarden shield in FF on my MacBook Pro I think I’m going directly to the desktop app. Can that be changed?


Sorry Bill - no, I wasn’t actually saying that you should be working in the extension. I just assumed this based on the first sentence of your original post and the title you gave to this thread.

But if you want Bitwarden to automate the process of filling passwords on web pages while browsing with Firefox, you MUST be using the extension to do that. All you can do with the Desktop app is copy the information manually out of Bitwarden and then manually paste it into your webpages, which is awkward and time consuming.

Regarding unlocking Bitwarden with your fingerprint reader on your MacBook, yes, you can do that in both the Desktop app and the Firefox extension. The catch here is that the Desktop app has to running to perform the actual biometric fingerprint authentication, regardless of whether you use the app or browser extension, and you must configure the extension to unlock with biometrics in the extension settings, which links it to the desktop app.

I hope that isn’t too confusing. If you want more details, check out this help article:

Hey Dave I’m back and frustrated–I’m taking too much of your time and I’m confused.

I went through creating an account and thought I got the Bitwarden app, but now I think I only created the account. When I go to Finder I don’t see Bitwarden listed under Applications. I think I have to get the app for FF, but the Apple App Store only offers it for Safari; where did you download the app from.

Thanks Captain patience,

Hi Bill,

The macOS app in the Mac App Store has both the Desktop app and safari extension bundled with it :grinning:

Hey Trey
I’m giving up! I’ve got hours many over a period of weeks in this. I try to follow the help articles, but enable browser integration never shows in settings, options etc. The combination of FF and Bitwarden is way too cumbersome without fingerprint. I’m going to have to stick with Safari and Keychain Access even though I’m not sure Apple is giving desktop Safari sufficient support. I was attracted by the better security, but I need something that actually works. Much work down the drain.


Before you go, Bill - have you viewed some of the Bitwarden intro videos? They might be helpful to you so that you can visualize the process to get this setup:

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Hey-David Your post did it. I fished around in the settings in FF and found where fingerprinters were blocked. I blindly followed a YouTube video on settings in FF-mistake. I’ve got fingerprint working now so my worry is WAY DOWN. Still have some questions about how to startup and browse with the FF-Bitwarden combination. I’ll give you a break and I’ll get some sleep now that my worry is down.

Dave you get 5 addaboys form old Bill!!!



That’s great that it is working for you now Bill! Thanks for sharing!