Unable to sync

I was sorting my passwords to folders on the web when suddenly I got logged out and now when I log in on the web there are no passwords and on the phone when I manually trigger sync it just loads forever. In the browser extension it says that an error occured.

What should I do?


Im running into major issues with the app as well, I get a really weird error when attempting to make an entry.

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Same problem here. A lots of problem 4h ago and after it was OK, now, since 30 mns, sync problem is back. I have a 524 Cloudflare error on api.bitwarden.com/ciphers is I check debug console.

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Thanks for bearing with us! We’ve addressed the issue and everything should be back to normal now.


I can’t sync. compare “sync failed” error message from chrome extension, same thing from mobile.

If it is not already solved try these:

  • Check both time and time zone.
  • Restart the device
  • Try a different network by for example creating a hotspot on your mobile