Syncing woes

so now my brave browser extension doesn’t want to sync anymore ,last synced 4 days ago ,when i try to manually sync it just says error .
i’m sorry but i’m getting fed up seems every day there’s a new hassle.
maybe its time i look into another pswrd manager ?

We did perform a release last night, so it’s possible you’ll want to log out/back in just to make sure the session is valid.

Is there a particular error that is occurring? Our brave browser tests are working without issue - but any other details would be helpful.

i did log out and in several times today .
i did it again just now and now it wont log me in it says error fetching.

All of our services are up and running smoothly - if you’re using a VPN, or proxy, you may want to try without it just in case there is any issue with them.

If you continue to have a problem, our customer success team is always up to help at

i’ve rebooted ,started from scratch ,VPN off,no proxy set up .
i can log into bitwarden site ,but the extension on brave keeps saying “error occurred failed to fetch”
i’ve cleared history and cache on browser ,but nothing…
included a screenshot