Failed to fetch error on Chrome extension

I was having some issues with Bitwarden not syncing so I decided to log out of my extensions in Chrome and Safari and suddenly now I can’t log back in to the Chrome extension. I receive the error “Failed to fetch”. The Safari extension works just fine.

Nothing has changed in my setup. Any ideas?

Not the best method to do this, but have you tried it from a clean install? Such as running it on a VM and starting from scratch you just attempt to log in to your vault from a fresh install.

If it doesn’t work, come here again and report in. :wink:

You could also manually delete the extension data on Chrome’s data folder, but that would require some advanced knowledge. I wouldn’t advise you to do that without proper care. So a fresh start would be a better test to do.

If it works, just reset your browser to defaults, but log out before doing it, or you may lose data on your Google account.

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Turns out it was indeed a certificate issue. I reinstalled and it’s all back to normal.

Thank you.