Unable to install browser extension in brave or firefox


I’m puzzled as i can’t seem to install the browser extension on firefox or brave on windows 10.

In firefox, i find the extension and click install, then the permissions box pops up and i click “add”, the install button briefly animates and the grey rectangle shrinks and the word “install” swirls in a circle and becomes a dot, and that’s it… it never actually is added to the browser. i can repeat that process all day, but it just does the same thing.

In brave, i add and install the extension, it tries, but then says it can’t add extension. then a big pop up that says “an error has occurred. Could not install package: ‘ERROR_SAVING_CATALOG’” and that happens every time as well.

I don’t understand the issue. I would really appreciate any help that anyone could lend. Thank you.

That’s odd. I use the extension on Firefox on both Windows 10 and elementary OS (Linux) without any issues.

Me also. I am running Firefox extension on Windows, MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu).