Traffic from your network looks unusual [Error Code 6]


I have been using bitwarden happily on my PC, a tablet and a smartphone. I had major problems with my smartphone and had to do a factory reset. After reinstalling the BW android app, I constantly get the “Traffic from your network looks unusual. … Error Code 6” message. I am currently on vacation in Greece (rather than at home in Austria), but all my 3 devices are on the same WIFI network. The PC and the Tablet can open the vault and sync, the Pixel 6a/Android 13 gives me the error. Switching to mobile data or to a VPN does not make a change.

Any suggestions?


Hey @Raimund if the steps outlined at Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center don’t resolve the issue, be sure to open a support ticket.

Hi dwbit,
no, the suggestions weren’t helpful at all.
I’ll open a ticket.

Have not heard back from support, but fixed the problem myself.
What did the trick, was to connect to my company’s VPN back in Austria and then log into Bitwarden.
Another hurdle was the EU-US distinction. When I created my BW account a while back the distinction did not exist or I maybe overlooked it and left it at the default US setting.