[TOTP] How to use it under iPhone?


I Have a question about autofill TOTP on an iPhone under IOS 14.5.1.

I have selected autofill TOTP but no autofill works automatically… I have add one in the Bitwarden vault but I can’t recover it on my iPhone.
In my browser I understand how to work with but if the autofill works directly I think is better than with action mouse.

How to use TOTP code with an iPhone under IOS 14.5.1 ?

I have another question, I would like if it’s possible to see directly the TOTP code in teh Bitwarden vault on an iPhone like in the browser ?

Sorry for the faults in English is not my first language.
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When you fill a login that has TOTP, the code is copied to your iOS clipboard. When you get to the code input, you can paste the code!

There is a video here that may help: Get Started with Mobile Apps | Bitwarden Help & Support

Hi tgreer,

Thank for your reply !

Infortunaly, this video guide doesn’t help me… I have the same parameters on my iPhone but when un try the ProtonMail apps ou the website I can recover the username and the password.

For the TOTP code is an another history … in the apps I can’t recover the TOTP code and in Safari I can recover the TOTP code but not with a simply paste like in the video… I need to go to the Bitwarden Vault to copy the TOTP and paste it in this field.

Do you another solution ?

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