Mobile: Autofill or Easier Access to TOTP Codes

On iOS, I love being able to autofill passwords straight from the keyboard. But for sites that have TOTP codes it’s not as easy to get that code from Bitwarden. I have to switch to the Bitwarden app, search for the login I want, open that login and copy the code, then switch back to the other app/browser and paste it in. Not as easy as the password autofill.

Ideally I would love if TOTP code autofill could be integrated just like the login autofill is. However I’m not sure if that’s possible because iOS may not support it.

But if not that, there should be a dedicated tab at the bottom of the app or a separate section on the main “My Vault” page to easily access all TOTP codes at once. Similar to how Google Authenticator’s main page has all codes listed for ease of access. This would decrease the number of steps needed to get these codes.

You could create a new folder under settings called TOTP that includes all your sites that have 2FA. Then clone your info to that folder and that way you will not have to search through all your other sites.