✅ Add a TOTP tab on Client Applications (Mobile)

All items that have TOTP auth will be listed In the TOTP tab. And TOTP codes are also shown directly.

This maybe a method to input TOTP code on a device/PC without bitwarden quickly.

Feature name

A tab in the app specifically for TOTP like any Authenticator app

Feature function

Well, the tab should shows all account name for which TOTP secret and it’s TOTP near it

It can be implemented on the Web and Desktop software as well

Feature name

Authenticator tab

Feature function

This email is a feature request. I believe it makes things easier.
The feature is a dedicated tab for Authentication codes in the app. Because sometimes, not text every field is ready to choose a password from if that also have 2FA, it’s quite hard to get to BitWarden and search for the website, select an account, copy number. And in case of logging in a device that hasn’t been installed BitWarden.
I hope you understand what I meant here.

Related topics + references

I used to had this, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.jmh.authenticatorpro then subscribed to premium


  • Similar to favourites (and perhaps even appearing directly beneath it?), this view would show all accounts that have a 2FA token configured


  • Helpful to users who migrated to BitWarden from other 2FA apps (e.g. Microsoft / Google Authenticator)
  • Increases prominence of 2FA, and makes users more mindful of which accounts have 2FA set, as well as which ones don’t but possibly should(!)

What do you think guys?

Adding my voice on this one: This would be helpful to know all the accounts that have TOTP in my vault.


Searching, copying TOTPs on mobile cumbersome, as TOTP Entry not automatic or overlayed in other apps. So yes, seconding thsi feature or a similar easy solution.

A dedicated view for all available TOTP, with option to show or hide codes like Microsoft Authenticator would be an amazing addition.

Please make this a thing, I rather see a grid of my 2FA codes use up a tab than the send feature that I never use. I can’t imagine sending credentials to others is used as heavily as viewing your TOTP codes.

Updated the title to clarify that the focus of this request is a dedicated TOTP screen for the mobile apps (title was: “Add a TOTP tab on Client Applications”).

Closing this thread as the feature already exists.

To request similar functionality for the Desktop app and browser extension, please vote in the corresponding feature request: