TOTP keyboard recognition for iOS

I use some finance apps that require TOTP codes to advance through menus. I have the TOTP code stored in bitwarden but bitwarden doesn’t detect that the input field is a TOTP input field. So I have to swipe away from the app, open bitwarden, navigate to the app and copy the TOTP then navigate back to the app and paste the TOTP code.

Is this something bitwarden can fix or does the app have to update something or am I doing something wrong?

After you login to the site using the credentials stored in Bitwarden, the app (by default, unless you modified the option) will automatically copy the TOTP code into the clipboard. Just tap on the field in the form and select paste from the keyboard, and it should be inserted for you.

Otherwise, you can manually modify your Bitwarden item with a custom field, which can usually be used to automatically populate the field on the form.

This is not part of the login flow, its part of the transfer funds verification where I have enabled the verify with TOTP inside the settings of the app.

The app is coinbase by the way.