Tip for custom fields on Android

I think a lot of people searching for solution for autofill custom fields on Android devices since the Bitwarden app doesn’t support custom fields.

I haven’t found this tip anywhere so i have decided to post this here.
Right now custom fields are being support only with its browser extension

Luckily Firefox browser on Android has addons and one of the available addons is Bitwarden! So just install it using Firefox menu and when you need to fill custom fields use Firefox browser and its Bitwarden addon.


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I don’t understand what exactly you mean by “BW App doesn’t support custom fields” .
Are you facing any issues in auto-filing a custom field or creating a custom field in the android app ?
As far as i can see the Android app does have the option of creating custom fields for new entries.

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I am talking about filling custom fields.

I don’t know if this is the same issue the OP is having. But in my case autofill of custom fields on Android doesn’t work on forms with two passwords.
“What are you talking about? Two passwords?” You’d say. Yes, in Argentina there is a silly ridiculous banking rule that states that all homebanking sites must have two passwords fields. So you have three fields to log in:
1- id
2 - password (actual password)
3 - username (which, stupid as it sounds, it’s actually a second password, as it has security constraints and has to be rotated from time to time)

Examples of Argentinian home banking logins with this:





So in desktop you have to see which of the two password fields Bitwarden recongnizes as the default password, and create a custom field for the other one. And that works ok. BUT the Android app takes all the masked fields as password fields and puts the same password in both of them, ignoring the value of the custom one.
So that one you have to copy and paste it manually.
I hope I’m being clear enough. It’s a really stupid edge case if you ask me, that but it is what it is :confused:


hi ! I understand the problem. I have also experienced that the Android app will auto-fill all password related fields (like old/new password) with the same password but i am guessing auto-filling custom fields feature might still not be supported on android.
If you see the following help article Auto-fill Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support , you will notice that it only mentions about browser extenstions for autofiling custom fields and nowhere the android app or any other client are mentioned. So my guess is its still not supported.

Hey all, there is an additional section here: https://bitwarden.com/help/blocking-uris/#android-app-uris

Yes but in this case we are referring to custom fields on websites on Android Chrome instead of on Android Apps. OP suggests using Firefox for Android with an extension. In my case I use Android Chrome and it doesn’t autofill custom passwords.