Tip for custom fields on Android

I think a lot of people searching for solution for autofill custom fields on Android devices since the Bitwarden app doesn’t support custom fields.

I haven’t found this tip anywhere so i have decided to post this here.
Right now custom fields are being support only with its browser extension

Luckily Firefox browser on Android has addons and one of the available addons is Bitwarden! So just install it using Firefox menu and when you need to fill custom fields use Firefox browser and its Bitwarden addon.


Hello @MrGold Welcome to Bitwarden community forums !

I don’t understand what exactly you mean by “BW App doesn’t support custom fields” .
Are you facing any issues in auto-filing a custom field or creating a custom field in the android app ?
As far as i can see the Android app does have the option of creating custom fields for new entries.

Cheers :+1:

I am talking about filling custom fields.