Autofill filling in email address as password

Sorry if this has been asked and answered, I did an extensive search and couldn’t find any posts with this problem and solution.

I’m using the Bitwarden app on Android version 12 on an OPPO Find X2 Pro.

My problem is that auto fill fills in the email twice, once in the login field, once in the password field.

The autofill feature used to work perfectly.

I don’t know what changed or it might be this site, which is Account – Ethique New Zealand

Or might be my phone’s Chrome browser

I’ve followed all the advice on these boards and I can’t seem to get it to autofill correctly.

I’ve uninstalled Bitwarden, and uninstalled the updates on Chrome browser on my phone restarted and reinstalled.

Tried to access using Brave browser, same problem.

Thanks in advance :smiling_face:

I cannot reproduce this issue in a Chrome browser extension on Windows 10.

You can try to make this work using custom fields. First clear the username field so that it doesn’t get autofilled anywhere. Then create a custom text field named InputLabelled_2, with a value that should be your login email. Next create a custom “linked” field named InputLabelled_3, with the value linked to your Password. Let us know what happens with this configuration.


Hi, I’m not using Windows 10 it’s my mobile phone, an OPPO Find X2 Pro and Android 12. Thanks

I know, but I am only able to test on Windows. So the problem appears specific to the mobile version of Chrome. Perhaps the website serves a different version of the login page when it detects a mobile device. In any case, it is possible that the custom fields method that I have suggested may work for you, so I would suggest trying it and reporting back.

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Hi! I tried the custom fields and it’s still putting in the email address as the password. Also even though I followed your instructions exactly, it looks like something is wrong with the password as opposed to the username field. I’ve attached a screenshot

Hi grb I realised I had not followed your instructions to the letter so I tried again, and now it fills the password in twice on the website. Screenshots attached.

Not sure what is going on, but I think there is still one detail that you didn’t follow. For the custom field named InputLabelled_2, do not make it a linked field. Make it a regular Text field, and set the value to be your email address (the email that you use to log in to this site). Let me know what happens when you make this change.

Okay I followed the directions. You were right I didn’t see that you wanted the username login to be text. It still doesn’t work, it puts the password in twice, for username and password.

Hi @Atilertse_W,

I think you are almost there. You seem to have set the name of the first custom-field to the value (your username/email).

It should be:

name: InputLabelled_2
value: (your username/email)

name: InputLabelled_3
value: Linked field to password

Hope that solves it.

Kind regards,

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So sad. Nope that didn’t fix it.

One more thing you can try:

Clear your password from the Password field, and delete the linked custom field InputLabelled_3. Then test if autofilling at least fills your email into the correct location. If not, we’ll need to investigate further.

Next, add a new custom field that is of the type “Hidden” (not Linked or Text), set the field name to InputLabelled_3, and set the field value to your password.

The first didn’t work, it didn’t put anything in the fields:

Second advice a no go either:

This was a stubborn one - I could get the desktop page to fill no problem, but using Chrome on Android 12 it was doing nothing until I entered in the following - maybe it will work for you too, @Atilertse_W:

Hi dh024

Thanks for the advice but using your method it ended up with the same problem - filling in both fields with the email address :frowning: here’s a picture, did I do something wrong?

In your two custom fields, it looks like you may have created custom fields of the Text type and just typed in the words “Password” and “Username” for the text values. They are supposed to be custom fields of the Linked type, and be linked to the Password and Username fields, respectively.

No I didn’t, the little “chain” symbol should tell you they’re linked, see:

You couldn’t see it on my last screenshot because I took it before I saved it. Didn’t realise that it would make a difference :frowning:

I see. Hopefully @dh024 will have some other ideas for you. Unfortunately, I am unable to do any testing/troubleshooting on Android.

hmm so one thing I tend to do which works on multiple platforms not sure if anyone mentions is physically label the text field to what I want it to fill into and so far it always work that way. If a text field on a website says “email” or “email address” I will have a custom
field created showing that many times of course the username for some websites may not be your email address.

i created a test version below to show you what i mean.
also tested out on the website and got no issue. the standard username field worked and the email one did as well inputting items in the correct fields.