Field completion issue on Bitwarden for Android (in Bitwarden for Chrome it works)

Hi, I have this entry in Bitwarden for Android and Bitwarden for windows (Note: the entry is proper in sync, I have checked):

With Bitwarden for Chrome on Windows, everything is filled up perfectly:

(in the field I have the content of the Bitwarden custom field MainContent_TbCode)

BUT with Bitwarden for Android, both fields are badly filled up:

(the 1st field should contain the email address, and the 2nd field contain the password instead of the custom fiedl MainContent_TbCode)

I have tried with Chrome for Android setup in desktop mode: the result is the same as in mobile mode

For information, I have both in the same login entry because they are both linked to the same account The website is asking on or the other depending on the level of privacy.