Autofil custom fields on Android Browser


I have been trying to autofil a custom field using Android Chrome browser. I have also tried it in both Firefox and DuckDuckGo for Android.

Chrome: 125.0.6422.72
FireFox: 1.26 Build #2016019903
DuckDuckGo: 5.201.1
Android: 14
Device: Pixel 6
App Version (Desktop): 2024.4.1
App Version (Mobile): 2024.4.0
Example Website: Cookies blocked – Manage your student loan

The website uses a two page process where the first page has the username and password and the second page has a secret answer. The app is able to fill in the username and password but not the secret answer on the second page. It fills it in with the password data and not the custom field.

I have used the following for the field settings from the HTML: csv=secretAnswer,secretAnswer,SecretAnswer

It is able to fill the field out correctly on a desktop browser such as Firefox 115.8.0esr (64-bit) but fails every time on Android. I have searched the forums but there are no answers or guides that clearly state there is a compatibility problem with Android and Bitwarden.

Is there something in the app that prevents it from filling in custom fields on any Android browser?
If the app cannot fill out the custom fields, is it worth adding it to the page on custom fields to say it cannot?

There are other websites this does not work with such as ‘NSandI’.
On this website, the desktop plugin is able to fill in all three fields but when using the mobile app on Android, it only fills in two of the three fields and with the wrong data.

NS&I Number: j_userlogin_pwd
Surname: j_username_pwd
Password: j_password_pwd

The app inserts the ‘j_userlogin_pwd’ field into the ‘Surname’ field and the password field is correct, but leaves the NS*S number field blank.