Adding Fields

Please forgive me if this is addressed somewhere. I could not find the answer.

I updated to the premium after a few days of use and enjoying the ease of use for the most part.

I am having trouble when creating a login adding specific fields. I can see where to add fields, but it seems to be quite limited? Most likely I don’t understand.

If you have a site requiring the following:

  • Name
  • User Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • etc.

How do you accomplish filling in the information adding field to accomplish this?

Any help would be speculated,

You need to use custom fields. This is explained in the help documentation.

Basically, for any fields that are not automatically auto-filled by Bitwarden, you need to find the identifier used in the HTML code for the corresponding input element. The help documentation linked above shows two ways of getting this information. Set this identifies as the “name” of the custom field, and set the data that you want to auto-fill as the “value” of the custom field.

If you provide a specific example of a login form that you want to define custom fields for, we can provide more detailed assistance.

Thanks @grb

I was doing that, but i was on iOS, iPhone. I use it probably 90% of the time. Doing it on the Mac was pretty straight forward.

You seem to be able to add custom fields on the phone, but it seems only the field name? I couldn’t figure out how to edit or add the information other than the field name one the phone.

thanks again

I don’t have personal experience with the iOS version of Bitwarden, so I’m not sure exactly what options you have available there.

However, unfortunately, the documentation for auto-filling using custom fields indicates that auto-filling can only be done from the browser extension, not from the mobile app.

Thanks again @grb

I didn’t realize you had to be on the web extension, or the main app. What threw me for a loupe, the iOS web extension, as well as the iOS app both have a place to add custom fields. I could get the custom field name, but unable to add the text for that field.

Knowing it is pretty simple on the Mac, I will make adjustments to any that I cannot get done on mobile.

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