Support for Okta Adaptive MFA

Currently working on implementing Bitwarden Enterprise at my organization and am interested in MFA options. Would love to see Bitwarden support Okta MFA as an alternative to Duo Security as Okta is our preferred MFA Vendor. Not having support for this leaves us falling back to Google Authenticator or Authy for MFA instead of the integrated Okta solution we are using across the rest of our SaaS apps.

Feature name

Support for Okta Adaptive MFA

Feature function

Support for an alternative to Duo Security when it comes to adaptive MFA options

Related topics + references

We too have Otka MFA implemented but do not have SSO. Is there not an option/workaround to have Okta MFA and Bitwarden as an Intergrated app?


Hey @Jeremy_Dorion is Okta MFA TOTP compliant? Are you able to add it as an Authenticator App?

Thanks for the reply @bw-admin . I can add a custom OTP but I don’t see an option to add a TOTP.

Thanks for confirming, does the Okta app let you scan a QR code? The OTP option you are seeing may be for the Yubikey OTP secuirty key.

Hello @Jeremy_Dorion,

These articles may help as it appears Okta supports MFA for both Google authenticator and a custom TOTP seed type.

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