2FA should push notification to auth app

I have 2FA setup with the Authy app, but when Bitwarden prompts me to login, nothing happens unless Authy is already running in the background on my iPhone authentication device. Therefore i have to keep Authy running in the background all the time or manually find it and start it when Bitwarden requests the 2FA, then manually cut and paste the auth code back into Bitwarden.

LastPass’s 2FA interface with Duo is the best I’ve used because it triggers Duo to start if it hasn’t already. Then i can authorize the request directly from the notification on my iPhone with a Touch ID. Duo then automatically returns the auth code back to LastPass which automatically completes the login process.

Bitwarden should push a notification to Authy which should auto start the app on the authentication device, then Authy should push the auth code back to Bitwarden and then Bitwarden should auto complete the login.

Maybe this is partly a weakness on Authy’s part? Because once I manually start the Authy app, it has the updated auth code ready to copy and paste back into the Bitwarden app or website. But to really be effective, this should all happen automatically in the background.

Is there a reason you don’t put the TOTP directly into your BW file? BW allows for and will easily present the needed digits (TOTP code) during your login. You don’t even need to have Authy on your phone. I have problems with using security where the TOTP code and the password come from the same device. Having the TOTP code in BW only, OR using Authy and BW on the same device present the same security risk but it makes the process more difficult not having BW handle it all. IF you use BW and then grab the Authy code from ANOTHER device you are by default more secure. That is what I do (two devices) but frankly I use U2F whenever I can.