Handling TOTP

How are other users using TOTP and Bitwarden? Are users primarily storing them in Bitwarden or using another app such as Authy or Google Authenticator? I personally am just using Bitwarden since they are synced and my chance of losing the code goes way down. For users using another app for TOTP, how are you backing up the codes?

Why not both? Authy and Bitwarden just incase.

Redundency. Then you’d have to manage them in two places, unless theres a better way.

I use Authy, but recently installed Linux on my laptop and found out Authy doesn’t have a Linux app. :confused:

I considered buying Premium because of TOTP but my Bitwarden has 2FA enabled… which I use Authy for. So in order to stop using Authy I need to buy Bitwarden Premium which requires Authy to unlock. :wink: Not sure what to do.