How to enable 2FA without Bitwarden on Bitwarden?


My question is probably silly, but since I’ve migrated all the Authy 2FA accounts to Bitwarden, the last one I have left is Bitwarden.

Because if I disconnect from Bitwarden, I can’t access my TOTP code to connect on Bitwarden, I have to use Authy.

What do you do? Is there an alternative solution?


@Moskito With “Bitwarden” I guess you mean the integrated TOTP authenticator. Yeah, you can store your Bitwarden account TOTP seed in Bitwarden, but of course not solely then.

2FA apps that are recommended at the moment are Bitwarden authenticator mobile and Ente Auth.

I personally would try to change to FIDO2 WebAuthn as Bitwarden-account-2FA… Maybe your phone, Windows Hello or something is able to do that… FIDO2 WebAuthn is more secure and not phishable. And you don’t need a 2FA app then…

BTW: Note your 2FA recovery code for your Bitwarden account and store it on an emergency sheet, if not already done… And a backup of all your TOTP seed codes wouldn’t be a bad idea either - though, if you have them in your Bitwarden vault, regular backups/exports of your vault would be enough.

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I thought of a simpler method, using my iPhone to generate a TOTP code for Bitwarden.

I have only Add Bitwarden ^^, i can delete Authy safely.

Of course my 2FA backup codes are saved as well as my Bitwarden password.

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Does the iPhone have a native TOTP authenticator app? I guess you’re referring to this:

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I have try, and work.I hope I haven’t done anything wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as you have access to your 2FA reset code, you should have nothing to worry about.

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