Suddenly unable to sign on Bitwarden?

Suddenly when I try to get in Bitwarden, it says wrong password and it’s the only password that I’ve ever used? It sent me to Bitwarden website to recover password however it said unfortunately I’m unable to get the password hint??? I shut my phone off and tried it again and still no luck. I have extremely important information in the Bitwarden vault as well as important info for my 85 year old Mom who had trusted me to pay her bills and keep her financial information since my dad died several years ago.
Please help me sign in and get my info back. I’ve don’t nothing wrong or changed anything however I’m unable to access my vault. This is so important to me and my mom. Please help me?
Tammy Hazen
Email: [email protected]


I have a couple of thoughts but lets start really simple and basic. Assuming you are CERTAIN of your password, have you tried going to another device (perhaps a laptop or similar) and opening your BW vault from there? This would eliminate something “funky” going on with your phone and at the same time requires no adjustments or editing of anything at all. Let me stop at this point and suggest you start with this step and let me/us know how it goes. Good luck!

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Opsec, thanks for your suggestion. I did try to sign in on my husband’s phone however it did the same thing. When I normally sign in, I just enter my 4 digit passcode and it opens my vault and that’s it. That’s what I’ve done for years. Now when I try to do that, it had me give my email address to send me my MASTER password hint and it says that unfortunately, I DON’T HAVE A MASTER PASSWORD? Are there 2 different passwords? I’ve only used my 4 digit to get on.
I’m so confused

You have. When creating a new account you are asked for it, and to re-enter it. You’re also told that when you lose it, you are unable to access your vault. No-one but you can recover your information. So think clearly what the password might be.

The easiest and safest way to try different passwords is to go to the web vault and try to open it.

Were you able to view the contents of your vault when you set up BitWarden? Were your log ins for the sites you view imported? If so, then go to one of your sites and start to fill in the info by hand. Underneath the first line, you will see the option to view your saved log ins. Click that, and you will see the contents of your vault! Of course, that doesn’t solve the problem of a master password, but at least you can see what is in your vault. I can’t log in, either. My master password is “incorrect”, and the email that offers a hint was never received! Good luck. I have more work to do myself.

This will become an issue when you switch browsers or devices in the future. Don’t you agree?

So then who created your account and configured Bitwarden on your device? If it is you yourself, then you need to go through your notes, maybe that is where you wrote the password and forgot later after configuring the passcorde. If it is your husband, ask him if he knows your password. Master password is extremely important, not even Bitwarden will be able to recover it if it is lost. Your pin/passcode is just a local solution to unlock the vault when it gets locked on your specific device, it’s just for convenience and is not a master password. You probably accidentally logged out of the bitwarden, so that passcode is not going to work until you log in back again with your master password.

Trying a long shot here. By chance, did you create a backup, which would have been exporting your vault to a file for safe keeping? I am just a little confused reading through this thread. You can recreate your account and start over without any losses at all.

Assuming you have the backup (export file) you can delete your account completely and then set it up again using all new passwords, etc… Once the new account is created you would then quickly import the former backup into the vault and you are done.