Please help me!

I suddenly realized that my account could not be logged in. I am sure my password is correct and it should have been stolen. I request the official help to resolve this issue, and my registration email password is also saved in Bitgarden. This is a very bad thing, and now my email cannot be logged in. There is really no way, please help me! Please request the official to restore the password to its status before June 2nd. Please!

My Account ********

Hey Alex, please visit: I Forgot my Master Password | Bitwarden Help Center

For official support, visit the Bitwarden website.

With zero-knowledge encryption, Bitwarden does not know your master password, so it is important to store it outside of Bitwarden to prevent being locked out.

You can also make backups at any time for safekeeping.

I also bleeped out your email, you should never share your personal email address online in public spaces.

Have you recently changed your master password? Do you have a master password hint, or (even better) a written down copy of your master password on an emergency sheet? Do you have any backup exports of your vault, or do you ever make backups of your computer hard drive?

Unfortunately, if every instance of Bitwarden is already logged out, and you do not have your master password (and you have not set up the Emergency Access feature), then there is no way to get back into your account. If you have backups, then you may be able to recover your vault data, though.

As a last resort, is it possible that you could have any old or infrequently used devices that may have been logged in to Bitwarden when they were last turned off? Or a browser extension on a browser that you have not used since changing your master password? If so, there is a chance that you may be able to recover some or all of your vault data, if you can prevent that device from connecting to the internet (e.g., by switching off your WiFi router) before turning on the device — I would also recommend placing the device in Airplane mode as soon as it is powered up, before launching the Bitwarden app or browser. If you are able to find such a “dormant” Bitwarden app (and if you can unlock the vault while off-line, using a PIN, biometrics, or your old master password), then you may be able to export or at least manually copy the information that was stored in your vault. Then you can use this to populate a new Bitwarden account.