I am totally locked out of my account

I keep all my passwords including email passwords in bitwarden. From today, suddenly, my master password is not working. I am 110% positive that i am giving the right password but I am unable to login.

I tried to recover my account, but the hint they are giving is going to the email address whose password is locked in bitwarden. I tried from several machines but not working.

Now I can not log into anything.

I am ready to verify it is me any way possible.

My email address is [email removed for security purposes] . I used this email address to create my account.

What can I do?

I recommend checking out I Forgot my Master Password | Bitwarden Help Center as well as How To: Master Password Problems and Best Practices - #18 by dh024

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@Ahmad_Ismail Welcome to the forum!

  • Did you have your master password written down (e.g., in an Emergency Sheet)?

  • Which Bitwarden app did you try to log in on? Have you tried logging in on the Web Vault (https://vault.bitwarden.com)?

  • What error message (if any) do you see when you attempt to log in?

  • Does your email service provider have a password reset procedure?

  • Have you created any backup copies of your vault data?

  • Do you have any devices that may contain a Bitwarden app that is still logged in? (if so, this may or may not be helpful to you, but to maximize the chance that you can recover your vault data from such a device, it is important that disconnect the device from the internet before launching Bitwarden on the device).

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Sorry guy. Silly mistake on my part. Without being so explicit, it was a british english vs american english problem.

I was sleep deprived and suddenly wore my british hat.

Glad you’re back in business. However, for the future, it is strongly recommended to keep a securely stored Emergency Sheet that contains your Bitwarden Master Password, email, and 2FA recovery code. In addition, make a habit of creating backup copies of your vault (for example, by exporting a password-protected JSON from the Web Vault — in which case you should also include your backup password in your Emergency Sheet).