Bitwarden Password Problem

I recently changed my Bitwarden email and password - and I usually Will write my password down in a separate piece of paper and put it to my corkboard, but for some reason this time I did not.

I hope I haven’t screwed myself here. I can still gain access to my account on my iPhone using voice recognition, but when I go to select the password or a Bitwarden, it asked for the master pass again I’m wondering if I totally screwed myself here and locked myself out essentially or if there’s another option or go around where I can gain access to my password. .

Hey, is there a way or a means that I can gain access to my password somehow through some workaround or if I essentially locked myself out?

I have checked and my hint is useless and I honestly don’t know if I set up emergency contact.

What can I do not to lose this when my face recognition goes haywire and I am really screwed?


Try logging into both and The two are completely separate and your account only exists on one, so if you are trying the wrong one, it will fail.

If you are unsure about your username, work on figuring that out first:

  • Try searching your emails for something from Bitwarden. When you find it, pay particular attention to the address to which it was sent and also if it was sent from or
  • Try creating a new account with what you think it is. If it fails, saying the name is already in use, you know you have it right. This trick will also help you figure out if you are using the “eu” or the “com” cloud.
  • Since you have a logged in device, you may be able to see what account it is logged into.

If you are unsure of your master password itself, there is no way to recover it. Your first goal needs to be to try and remember what you had.

  • Try typing what you think it is into notepad. Sometimes seeing it written out helps trigger a memory, or maybe you will get lucky and notice a caps-lock issue.
  • When you have a candidate in notepad, copy/paste it to the login screen so you know that there is not an undisclosed typo.
  • Some find it helptul to reach out to St. Anthony, to “sleep on it” or to set it aside and come back in a few hours…

If none of these work, your next best bet is to find or create a backup so that you can recover your data into a new account. A few possibilities:

  • Do you have a backup from before you changed your master password?

  • Do you have a device that may be logged in, but has not been used since before you changed your master password? If so, disconnect it from the Internet (unplug ethernet, put in airplane mode, turn off home wifi, etc.) and create an export from it, using the old master password to authorize the export.

  • Do you still have the export from when you migrated from your previous password manager to Bitwarden?

  • Use the device to which you can still log in to manually create a backup csv by copying each username/password/url and copying them into a spreadsheet/csv.

One good thing that will come out of this exercise is a new-found appreciation for contingency preparation. Getting serious about maintaining an emergency kit, and creating periodic exports/backups are the key lessons you will likely take away from this.

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