Im forget my password please admin help me

im forget my password how i can Forget it

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If you belong to a company or organization that is providing you with a Bitwarden account as part of an Enterprise Plan, you may be able to contact the organization administrator to check if they have enabled the “account recovery” feature for the company or organization that you belong to.

However, if you are just an individual Bitwarden user with a personal account (free or Premium), or even if you are part of a Family Plan or Teams Plan, then there is no way to reset or forget the master password.

I suggest that you read through the instructions and advice offered in this Help Center article.

In addition, you may be able to create an export your vault data if you are in possession of any device where you are still logged in to your account on a Bitwarden app or browser extension. With the exported vault data, you would then be able to set up a new Bitwarden account and start over.

If you are going to check your browsers and apps to see if you are still logged in it is critically important that you first completely disconnect the device from the internet (before opening any browsers or apps). This is because a Bitwarden app or browser extension will be immediately logged out without warning if there is an internet connection, if the login session has been deauthorized, or if the app/extension has not been used for over 30 days). When an app or extension is logged out, all vault data are expunged from the local cache, so you lose the ability to recover your data.

If you find a device that has an app or browser extension that is still logged in, please let us know.

can rest my password? i cant get a password to login

I’ve responded to this in my comment above.

i cant rest it im tried with that its impossible i dont have master password

im format my pc and i cant login i need a password

I’m very sorry. If none of the suggestions already provided above work for you, then there is nothing else that can be done.

u cant change a password

i cant login to my mail man what of it i dont have a master password and i try to forget password i cant i need a new password for it

please can fix it now and send me a new password of my account to access in it

Contact your email provider and find out how to reset your email account password. Do the same for all other accounts that were stored in your Bitwarden vault. The Bitwarden master password cannot be reset, for security reasons (except as noted previously).

then i tried to open my account i talk you from it l*****e@h*****.com

Bitwarden cannot reset your master password. It is literally impossible for them to do.

Your password is not just used to login; it also is part of the “secret material” used to decrypt your vault. If Bitwarden were to change your password for you (which they can not), it would not help because you would still need your old password to decrypt your vault.

At this point, I suggest you register for a brand new email address named something like “[email protected]” and to use this whenever you need to create “recovery” email addresses on websites.

Then, create a brand-new Bitwarden account using the recovery email address. Create an emergency sheet. Let me repeat that… Create an emergency sheet. And then as @grb suggests, start resetting email and other passwords and storing them in the new vault.

Once done, you can delete your old vault so that you can change your Bitwarden login to your normal email. But, do keep the recovery account and continue using it for that purpose. For all your accounts, not just Bitwarden.

Finally, don’t go losing that emergency sheet and use this experience to remind everyone you know about the importance of emergency sheets and backups.

Bitwarden will not delete an account unless the user has the master password & 2FA to the account, or at least is able to receive emails sent to the address that was used as the username of the account.

Yes, I was also presuming that if @Kavein wanted to reuse his original email, he also would have first regained access to the email itself.

@grb is correct that deleting the old account can be initiated by the user without engaging Bitwarden support. I edited the grandparent to clarify this.

One other option… Did you previously convert from a different Password manager, and if so, do you still have the exports you used in the migration? Those might provide a bit of a leg up as you try and recreate your vault.