Forgot password

Hi i forgot my password for my account. I need reset it. I have 2fa on it. If recovery need to reset my account from all data its ok for me

“Invalid Token” or ratelimit error

@michalektm Welcome to the forum!

There is no way to recover an account if you no longer have the master password (and if the password hint does not help you remember it). Without your old master password, you are going to have to set up a new account.

After you have set up your new account (or before, if you prefer), you can delete your old account using the link (or, if your account was hosted on the EU server).

Depending on whether you still have any Bitwarden apps (or browser extensions) logged in to your old account, you may be able to copy your passwords, so that you can transfer this information into your new vault. If you plan to check whether you have any logged in Bitwarden apps, it is best to first disconnect your device from the internet (e.g., by putting the device in Airplane Mode), because there is a risk that an app may log itself out spontaneously (without warning) if it is connected to the internet.

If you do find a logged in Bitwarden app or browser extension, let us know which app it is (Desktop app, mobile app, CLI, browser extension), and what platform (operating system, browser) it is installed on. Depending on what you find, we may be able to help you export your old data as a file that you can import into your new Bitwarden vault.