Sorry, reverting to LastPass

Having been a long-time LP user, I decided to try out BW some months ago, and have been using it as my password manager for several months.

I like the ethos of BW - open source etc. - but the overall UX of LP is just so much smoother. BW has some good features, in particular explicit association of multiple URLs and apps with a single login.

But for ease of opening a site and logging in, as well as general form filling, LP has it nailed by comparison to BW. I use Chrome on Linux, and Android mobile, and BW just takes so many more keystrokes and/or mouse clicks or taps.

The killer on mobile is BW’s lack of an overlay. Not only is switching app screens slow, there are some apps that this just won’t work with. LP’s overlay is slick and simple.

I shall keep an interested eye on BW to follow developments, but for day to day use it’s going to be LP for a while yet.

I use Linux too, Last Pass has some troubles with “copy password to clipboard” so I’ve migrated to Bitwarden and happy with it. Also BW has 2FA, for LP you should use separate app.

I must say I’ve never had any problems with LP copying to clipboard. I run Kubuntu 18.04.

I use 2FA in conjunction with Toopher. I set it up before Toopher closed to new individual accounts. It’s the most convenient, as you can set it to automate according to location.

Earlier this year LP added limited sharing and 2FA to their free service, so I’m no longer even paying a subscription.

I have been using and comparing a few password managers for while and relized BW is really fast and easy to use