From lastpass to Bitwarden

I was with lastpass for 10 years. Never had any issues with them until I found out that i would have to pay 51 dollars a year just to use on a second device. I was tempted to pay that money, instead i decided to google search best password managers for 2021.

I went to a site, and he had a list of 10, but in his blog he said he used bitwarden and that he highly recommended it. I hadnt heard of you guys before, so I decided to check it out, and well here i am, The transfer from lastpass to bitwarden was so easy, and it brought everything over for me.

Ive tried so many other password managers, but I they always missed one or 2 things. Out of all the ones i have tried over the years, Im going to stick with this one. Its to bad I have to say goodbye to lastpass after so many years of keeping my stuff safe, but I feel I found a very good replacement.

I also ordered the yearly, because you cant go wrong for the price, and as a canadian i always have to pay more…

Ty Bitwarden and to the guy that recommeded you


Welcome to the community! I find Bitwarden better than Lastpass and have been happy with no complains.


Glad you two like BW so much. I’ve been on BW for a week or two and I’m not soo enthused.

Lastpass is great… it isn’t perfect, but it is still great. I was with them from the beginning and paid for it for a while. I never pay for anything. But $30 a year is too much for such a simple function that I can obviously get for free from numerous sources including Bitwarden.

Bitwarden is a Beta product. There are many aspects that don’t work correctly and many edge cases that don’t work at all. These forums are awash with people complaining about all the things that don’t work. If the dev team can stay focused and avoid a lot of function creep, I think it could be great as well. I’m hoping to see some releases coming with new features to make BW more like LastPass. I’m here for now, but I’m like a bad hair day away from switching back to LastPass and sucking it up and paying for it.

Bitwarden is not a good replacement for LastPass but simply the best free replacement for LastPass. Have you try other free password managers like Myki or Keepass. They work considerable different than LastPass but perhaps resolves whatever issue you have with the product.

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You could also give Zoho Vault a go. I believe it has become far more user friendly recently and honestly was the backup solution for me if Bitwarden didn’t fill my needs.

Lastpass Premium is not $51, but $36 and the current “special” is $27/year. Bitwarden Premium is $10/year (as at 12 Mar 2021).

I think Bitwarden is a good multi-device solution for those who want a free solution or are very cost conscious and prepared to make do with a less sophisticated interface. I really tried to make Bitwarden work for me and dump Lastpass, but for my use case Bitwarden is clumsy by comparison, and I only found one Bitwarden feature that Lastpass could do with - linking multiple URIs to one set of credentials - that is a cool Bitwarden feature.

I have reluctantly and grudgingly decided to pay for Lastpass Premium simply to endure less frustration than with Bitwarden, and I hope that Bitwarden and other password managers up their game very quickly because the Lastpass price is stupid for what it does - if Lastpass cost only $10/year they would get ten times as many subscribers. Not everybody lives in the US economy, and Lastpass’s pricing is myopic and their product is also far from polished.


I recently switched to BW from LastPass and have been loving it. The only feature I would deem “worse” is the sharing to an individual, which is at best inconvenient and at worst not possible. I am hopeful that the recent Send feature is the first stage to make this better.

Another rough-ish feature is the autofill UI in a browser, which imo is more than serviceable but I get some people prefer how LP does it. But everything else has been a lot nicer with BW as far as the password management and the snappiness/simplicity of the interface versus LP which imo is overly cluttered and slow in the name of looking pretty.

What specific features were missing from BW that LP has that made you regret switching or go back to LP?


What I noticed compared to LP is that BW much more frequently does not require saving the password but this problem can be circumvented by entering the password directly in the BW vault.


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Yeah I would not have really encountered this as I imported all of my passwords, but the few times I did make a new account it prompted me fine using the Microsoft Edge extension on my computer, not really helpful I get it, but just adding a data point.

I also generally do not use that feature as I find it can be hit or miss if it fills in the details properly, at least that was my experience on LP. I much prefer creating the vault entry before making the account so I can make sure everything is categorized and squared away properly. But I can definitely understand that becoming frustrating if you rely on that feature.


No software is perfect, all of it has flaws. That is true of Bitwarden and Lastpass. This is all part of life.

What I do notice is that some people seem to want Bitwarden to work exactly like Lastpass and appear upset that it does not. I think that these people will always be upset that Bitwarden is not Lastpass. There are several things I would like to see improved in Bitwarden, but I also want these improvements to be made properly and thoroughly tested, not unleashed in a half-baked form (as certain well known software creators do).


I looked into Zoho, the Firefox addon is terrible, looks like its 1995 again. Going back to LastPass for now. I’ll check in on Bitwarden again in a year or two. I think it will get there, its just not there yet. Have fun all. Ciao!

I am curious though, what are your chief issues with Bitwarden compared to LastPass?


In a previous post, Toons felt that a lot of his edge cases don’t work and that he was looking for LastPass feature. Frankly anyone who wants the latter is probably better off with LastPass. The reason is that a lot of LastPass features like block country IP and granular permissions are quite unique among the different password managers.

Personally, I realized that some features are missing but are a bit more pragmatic on what I can live with. I want autofill to work because I have to use it all the time, but I can work around issue with changing password or adding website because I don’t do those very often.


What I noticed right away with BW compared to LP is the much cleaner UI in settings. Especially advanced settings in LP is quite cluttered. To me a cleaner UI indicates a better application architecture, and eventually also easier to maintain and evolve for developers without putting anything at risk.


To be honest, over the past decade I kept switching between password managers (and it’s becoming increasingly infuriating to make these switches just because the companies behind them decide to ask for an absurd amount of money, but that’s a different discussion).

As others have mentioned before me, the only complaint is how often Bitwarden misses a login/registration. I register/log in to a website and Bitwarden doesn’t offer to save the login info. Even when I log into my Bitwarden vault/account, it fails to notice… It’s very ironic for a password manager to not display a password save notification for its own website.

Of all the password managers I’ve used over the years, Bitwarden has the lowest login detection rate and, therefore, I’m not sure if I should migrate…


I used LastPass for many years on my cell, desktop & tablet. When they wanted us to pay $36/yr. and even offered a discount to $27/yr. I was willing. It gave me an error when I tried to get the discount deal so I went in search for another password manager.

I am on BW and it works fine. I use auto fill alot and not had any issues. I paid for Premium right away and am happy. My pass cards imported correctly and all is well. Do I expect BW to be exactly like LP? There are always differences but my biggest point of contentedness is I can use BW on any device and I paid less than 1/3 of the price of LP. What’s not to love?


I’m sure that all of us will have different opinion on LastPass vs BitWarden and that might well depend on your needs. I recently switched too from LastPass to BW and I’m quite happy. I never liked LastPass interface as it looked so much wasted space. BW has nice software that I mostly use for adding/editing/organizing logins for both, Mac and Windows. I love ‘pin’ feature so I don’t have to login with my full long master password every time I set to lock. I like custom fields that you can use for autofill. Now I don’t create many new logins so I cannot say anything about ‘add site’ feature but I get that it might be annoying if it doesn’t work well. And, overall I LOVE the price… It is what it should be for PasswordManager subscription. One thing that I don’t ‘love’ is sharing passwords and while I got it working with ‘business’ account, it is really not well implemented. But hey, what software is perfect. It will be your call do you want to pay more for features that other are providing or you can live with what BW has (and potentially adds).
I know, that I’m staying with BW.


The most common complaints I have seen are related to

  1. Auto save password notification,
  2. the little icon thing in the text field missing and
  3. the auto save change password notification not working.

Personally, autosave never worked in all websites on LP for me, so I was already used to updating Lastpass first with new/change pw and then using it. So, BW is not too different for me in that aspect.

The icon thing on the textbox that provides password selection is one click and clicking on the BW extension is still one click, so, I don’t find that hard either. And there is the awesome keyboard shortcut in BW if I want to avoid the click.

The only missing feature for me was the sharing something with another person without being in organization and the new Send feature solves that.

The way I look at BW is, it’s first and foremost a different password manager and not Lastpass. They are not trying to mimic Lastpass. Once I have accepted that, everything just falls into perspective. Additionally, the team is very responsive and this community is great where people help each other. Don’t find anything not to like, yet.


According to some people, that never happens :grinning: Lastpass is perfect, according to them.

That strikes me as being very wise. However, some appear not to accept that.


There’s no need to be passive aggressive. Of course each software is unique and has its own advantages. Comparing Bitwarden to Lastpass, I see far more advantages in Bitwarden, but the fact that it fails in such an important/essential area (the save login notification) might be a deal breaker for most people.
It’s like buying a great house, but the electricity stops working most of the time… I mean it can be the greatest house in the world, but without electricity…I’m probably not gonna move in right now. I understand some people might not care, but I do and a lot of other people might as well…